Friday, October 31, 2008


Another Halloween over and done. Clay went from wanting to be a ghost to a vampire which actually worked out well. His costume was easy. Black sheet with a hole cut in it and a half hour makeup job. Nate on the otherhand, with his Indiana Jones costume was a bit more challanging. I didn't want to just go and buy him the one at Walmart because all he really needed was the hat and jacket. So, after days of looking for a brown jacket/heavy shirt, I wound up at Goodwill where I found a heavy white button down shirt. Then I walked over to Jo-Ann's and got some brown dye and ta-da! I have a faded brown shirt. The hat was found at Michaels of all places. Clay kept talking about his "loot" the whole time, so we made sure to get a picture of it. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Drama Mama

Picture it. Chambersburg AppleFest. Saturday. So, there I was, walking down the sidewalk on my way to the bathroom (imagine that). I see an extension cord in front of me, I think I've picked my feet up far enough, but alas, I did not. I take a face plant right into the sidewalk and am immediately surrounded by strangers. I'll tell you now that both the baby and I are fine. I was sent to the hospital by the EMT where they said that the baby was fine and I wasn't contracting. I did however knock the crap out of my chin and knees. I think what I did was come down on my knees and hands first then inertia (big fat objects in motion being what they are) propelled me forward and that's when I smacked my chin.
So, for the rest of the day I'm sure I was known as the clumsy pregnant girl. The good thing was that AFTER I made a jackass out of myself, the extension cord owners taped it down to the sidewalk.
The good news is that both Ben and I made it just fine. The only thing really hurt was, of course, my pride.